What Sets Us Apart

At Butterfly Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on the fact that we do things a bit differently from many other offices. In an age where corporate interests, chain-volume clinics, and one-size-fits-all treatments have prioritized things other than the highest possible patient care, we are very different.

Since 1972, our practice culture has been defined by treatment excellence, customer service, and honesty above all else. Our primary interest in every single decision we make is what our patients need, not what we need. Our first responsibility to every patient is to be their trusted advisor about their orthodontic needs and how treatment will affect their facial appearance, their smile, and their dental health.

We are interested in each patient’s personal transformation. We want our patients to see themselves as special, to aspire to do more and be more than they might otherwise have done. We don’t want just to transform the teeth, the smile, and the face; we want to transform their image of themselves.

High technology is everywhere you look in our practice, from the biometric touchpad at the front desk to the computer-aided treatment planning and cone beam CT scans. We use the best super-elastic wires and high technology Damon™ Smile brackets. If it is the best that is available, you will get it here!

We have been using computer-aided design methods for more than 30 years for every patient’s treatment planning, to ensure the best results possible. On our growing patients, this method includes a computer-aided growth forecast of both facial growth and body height.

Your smile deserves the best and most efficient technology that is available, and we are very proud to be known for providing just that. We were the first orthodontic practice in Arizona to adopt the use of cone beam CT scans, just as soon as they became available in 2004. We were also the first practice in Arizona to fully adopt the use of the Damon bracket.

We have more than a decade of experience and several thousand cases where both of these methods have been used to simplify and speed up our patients’ treatment. It has also made it possible for us to save many teeth from extraction.