Social smile perception


As an orthodontist, people will sometimes ask me if in my everyday life, am I constantly aware of and evaluating the teeth of those around me. The truth is that outside of the office, my perception of people’s teeth is no different than yours or anyones.

When it comes to casual social awareness of other people’s teeth and smiles, there is a very simple but remarkably accurate rule of thumb.  That is, people notice and remember teeth that are on the extremes of the spectrum- they notice exceptionally beautiful teeth and they notice exceptionally unattractive teeth.

So what that means is that the for the far majority of people, who fall in the middle of the bell curve with "average" or even "good" teeth, their smiles don’t really stand out as esthetically significant or memorable.

So my question for you is this....if you are considering orthodontic treatment, including braces or Invisalign, for yourself or your child, shouldn’t the goal of that treatment be to end up with the most outstanding, most exceptional smile that can be achieved?

One of the most important things that I tell new patients is that not all orthodontic offices, doctors, and treatment plans are the same.  In our office, there is no one size fits all treatment plan.  Settling for improvement or a "good" result is never the goal.  With every one of our patients we seek the best that is possible so that your result is in that exceptional and life changing category.

This was written by Dr. Chad Foster and if you are interested in a free orthodontic examination I invite you to contact Butterfly Orthodontics at our one and only Phoenix, Arizona location.  Thanks!