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Patient Reviews

He is an absolute professional…

Dr. Clark Jones is the best orthodontist in Arizona. My whole family has gone to him and my kids will have braces when they're old enough too. He is an absolute professional and uses the newest techniques. My brother's teeth were perfectly straight in less than 6 months using a new technique called Damon. I highly recommend Dr. Jones.

Theresa J.


Another orthodontist might have given up…

Another orthodontist might have given up on my daughter's case before we even began. She has/had a malformed pallet and very crooked teeth. Dr Jones informed me of the new braces technology that he uses and said that in the past, she would have gone through major surgery to fix the problem. It's been a year since he put on the braces and her face shape has completely changed for the better. The staff there is always helpful and the appointments are quick and comfortable.

Wendy T


Dr. Foster is the best at what he does...

Always a great experience. I'm one of those people who really don't like going to the dentist, but Dr. Foster has clearly gone out of his way to both create a comfortable and calming environment and assemble an excellent office staff. Dr.Foster is the best at what he does . The staff is friendly and knowledgeable . When braces were suggested to me I was not to thrilled but I had a consult and his positive attitude changed my mind. The time I had my braces was worth it, the treatment and the special care Dr. Foster put in was reflected on the day I had my braces taken off. My smile is amazing and I couldn't be happier!! There wait time is awesome especially if you need to get your kid back to school or yourself to work. I would highly recommend him, you can see for yourself they give you a free consultation and I promise from the the first step you take into their office you'll have a great experience. Oh ya no pressure sales they give you the facts and treatment suggestions and send you home to decide . One more thing they work with you as far as payment !!!

Fernando C.


His work was truly impeccable all around...

I was a patient of Dr. Foster and he was so amazing! He is very personable and makes you feel comfortable at all times. I really appreciate that since I've never been a fan of, "going to the dentist/orthodontist". You can tell he really cares about his work and that he truly is a great guy. The staff was always top notch as well.
Knowing that he did such a great job with my invisalign, I would recommend him to anyone that was in need of a great orthodontist. His work was truly impeccable all around. So much so that I'm sitting here writing him a review.

Kacey A. 


I have come to know and trust Dr. Jones over the past 8 years

I have come to know and trust Dr. Jones over the past 8 years as he has treated the smiles of my two sons. His office is nicely decorated and laid out for comfort and efficiency, and his staff are some of the most professional and organized I've known. In a world of commercialism and fast profit, I find the value and care received from Dr. Jones and his staff to be unsurpassed, and their manner personal and sincere. Managing a fast-paced schedule of check-ups and adjustments with incredible efficiency, they still seem to maintain a personal and caring relationship with every patient. Dr. Jones and his staff seem to be guided by the old fashioned philosophy - do your job the best you can and all else will take care of itself. I have never felt rushed or unattended, or that I've been afforded anything less than 100% of their attention and talent. I recommend this office and Dr. Jones to anyone investing in their children's future smile. I feel like I have chanced upon a rare blend of old-fashioned medicine and cutting edge technology, and am grateful for the referral I received many years ago that resulted in my relationship with these wonderful people.

Don T.


Dr. Jones and his staff is the creme de la creme of orthodontists

Dr. Jones and his staff is the creme de la creme of orthodontists in the metropolitan Phx area. I research everything exhaustively before I make a major choice like this for my children and Dr Jones was highly recommended to me by other parents at my daughter's school. We all drive our kids from the N. Scottsdale area because of his excellent reputation! The results speak for themselves, there are decades worth of photographic proof hanging on the walls of the entire office! Patients pictures wall to wall, every smile as perfect as the next. Dr. Jones is not just a dentist practicing Orthodontics. He has specialized in cutting edge Orthodontics for over 25 years. The office is gorgeous and the staff is very friendly and professional too. All 3 of my children have model-perfect teeth and smiles thanks to Dr. Jones and his staff and we are very grateful. We highly highly recommend that you do whatever it takes to go there.

Claire A.

Above and Beyond

I was first introduced to Dr. Clark Jones when he was recommended by our dentist to review my 10 years old development because of an overbite. Dr. Jones was very thorough and discussed how my son felt about his "smile." My son, who was in no hurry to get braces, was comfortable with his mouth. Dr. Jones suggested that we wait, as there was no urgency and later treatment would render equally good results. He explained the process by which we would begin treatment. He also told us what to expect as my son finished getting his adult teeth. On the next appointment, my younger son came with us. My younger son, who is only 8, wants to be a dentist. When Dr. Jones became aware of this, he allowed him to "examine" my other son's mouth. He even gave him gloves and a mini mirror. My son loves it. Dr. Jones really inspired him and took the time to demonstrate how things work. Not only are we are encouraged by the treatment we can expect for our older son, we are thrilled to have such a kind and considerate person perform dentistry on our kids.

By Ian A.


Best Orthodontist office in the valley!

They transformed my what looked impossible smile, more than i ever imagined. Before i saw Doctor Clark Jones, i had an extreme crowding "crooked teeth". I had told myself that my teeth were not ever going to be straight and i would forever have to hide my smile, boy was i wrong! My life has changed over the last four yrs, they didn't think twice about turning my problem into there responsibility! The whole staff was involved from start to finish. Before i would never smile, now i can't stop smiling teeth showing and all :) Not only did i feel welcome in the office but i feel more like family! its been almost 8 months since i've had my braces taken off. Btw i'm 25 yrs old! never too late to fix up ur smile :) i still go in for check ups here and there, but ever since i've had my braces taken off i've felt something missing, that missing piece is my once a month visits i had to look forward to every month at doctor clark jones office! To me that means they are the best, i mean who looks forward to see their dentist? really? To me that makes them a 5 star rated orthodontist in my eyes!!!!! thanks guys for my perfect smile!

By Levi P.


Years of Service

We have been seeing Dr. Jones and his staff for nine years. My daughter wore braces and now my son is getting his braces. Both my son and daughter saw Dr. Jones for several years before receiving their braces. These consultations over those years were free of charge yet Dr. Jones treated us with the same professionalism, attention and kindness as he would a patient in treatment. We have and always will recommend Dr. Jones and his practice for orthodontic care!

By Aaron M.


45 year-old with very crooked teeth

Adult braces are almost always a difficult situation, but not in my case. Dr. Jones uses the most advanced technology to produce by far the best results in the shortest amount of time, and has the friendliest, most professional staff I have dealt with. He has produced the best, most timely results when I compared my experience to others that have gotten braces, and at the same price! Follow-up exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Dr. Jones!

By Scott O.


They all love what they do and it shows in every aspect of their office and patient care!

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with Dr. Jones and his staff. Both my son and myself have had orthodontic treatment with Dr. Jones. Being in my 40's when I decided to have orthodontic treatment, I considered many options. Unbeknownst to Dr. Jones he went through a serious vetting process. Although the other orthodontists I saw gave me a similar treatment plan, I was most drawn to Dr. Jones's practice because of the unique feel of the office and staff. I was immediately impressed by their consideration to their patient's experience. It was as if they were looking at everything in their office from the patient's point of view, not the staff's point of view. The staff is impeccable. They are professional, friendly and top-notch. I have known Dr. Jones for ten years and he has very little turn over in his staff. This is a great compliment to him. It is obvious they enjoy what they do and they enjoy working with Dr. Jones and his patients.

I am extremely happy with my outcome with Dr. Jones. I am the envy of my siblings who also needed orthodontics, but were never able to have them. I am also very pleased with my son's result as he is now 18 and he has a perfect smile! Having braces as an adult has given me more confidence with myself and I am now very proud of my smile. I don't hesitate to smile or laugh any more! Go ahead, look at my straight teeth!

I would highly recommend Dr. Jones to anyone interested in improving their teeth. They are the best in my book. Not only are they state of the art with orthodontic treatment, but they all love what they do and it shows in every aspect of their office and patient care!

Thanks Dr. Jones, Patti Singer

"Dr. Jones is our family's orthodontist and we could not be happier with his service, honesty and dedication to his profession." ~ Denise
"The staff there is always helpful and the appointments are quick and comfortable." ~ Wendy T.
"The smiles we get to see everyday now make us grateful and assure us that we chose the right orthodontist for the job. Thanks to you and your staff." ~ Mike & Jodi Gallovich
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