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Meet Dr. Clark L. Jones

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD

My career has meant absolutely everything to me. The greatest thing that happened to me in my life has been the opportunity to become an orthodontist and have the privilege to do this wonderfully positive work every day.

In many of my patients, I have the opportunity to absolutely transform their smiles, their faces, their self-images, and their futures. With that great opportunity comes a great responsibility to do the very best possible diagnosis and treatment planning to help them be the very best that they can be. I can't change the world, but in my little corner of it there are a lot of people whose lives are a lot happier and a lot better because of the work I have been able to do for them.

One of my greatest rewards is seeing my patients grow up into happy, successful adults, quite a number of whom bring in their own kids for orthodontic treatment. I am very pleased that they enjoyed their experience so much that they want their children to experience it as well.


I completed my entire education at the University of Nebraska, first obtaining my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and continuing on to earn my Master of Science Degree in Orthodontics. I started my practice, limited to orthodontics exclusively, in Phoenix in 1972 and have expanded to two office locations in North Phoenix and Anthem, Arizona.

Continuing Education

My staff and I attend numerous continuing education courses throughout the year and I belong to two study clubs that meet monthly. One of my main focuses when it comes to continuing my education is in utilizing Damon® Smile self-ligating braces. This system involves using light forces with frictionless brackets and has been showing exciting, accelerated results. My patients can enjoy faster treatments, no "tightening" appointments, precision movement, and permanent results with more comfort and at no extra cost.


I have lectured internationally and have taught at the Loma Linda University in California and the University of Nebraska. I am a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, and Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society.

In the Community

I was involved in treating patients in need at the John C. Lincoln low-income dental clinic for more than 30 years until the clinic recently closed its orthodontic program. While there, I had the opportunity to help less fortunate patients and change numerous lives and futures in this capacity as well as in our regular orthodontic practice.

Outside the Office

I am a native of Bloomfield, Iowa, and have lived in Cave Creek for the past 24 years. My wife, Pat, and I have two daughters, Alex and Angelia, two sons, Paul and Justin, and a grandson named Izaac. We also have three horses named Conquest, Lark, and Calie, and two Australian Shepherds named Zeus and Cassie.

I have always been interested in aviation and got a pilot’s license a few years after starting my practice. I love the freedom of flight and the ability it gives me to go sightseeing in our beautiful area. I am also interested in Civil War history and have ridden in parades in full dress uniform with a McClellan saddle, Spencer rifle, and standard issue military equipment for U.S. Calvary from 1863.


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"Dr. Jones is our family's orthodontist and we could not be happier with his service, honesty and dedication to his profession." ~ Denise
"The staff there is always helpful and the appointments are quick and comfortable." ~ Wendy T.
"The smiles we get to see everyday now make us grateful and assure us that we chose the right orthodontist for the job. Thanks to you and your staff." ~ Mike & Jodi Gallovich
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